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So here we go, I made it past the hard part, I have my gym clothes on, PowerBlocks my weights are ready, and ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 2, is in the dvd player. The workout is approximately 38 minutes in length, and you. ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 2 is the second workout in the “Burn” phase of the ChaLean Extreme program. ChaLean Extreme has 3 phases, Burn, Push and Lean, so this is the second workout in the first phase of the program. At. • DVD 2 – Burn Circuit 1 36 mins, Burn Circuit 2 38 mins & Burn Circuit 3 32 mins Moderately intense, during this month-long first phase of the ChaLean Extreme workout, you will begin breaking down and burning your stored. Identification ChaLEAN Extreme is a set of 15 workouts focused primarily on weight, circuit and cardiovascular training. The program's trainer, Chalene Johnson, does not identify an exact number of calories burned while using her.

Chalean Extreme will make you leaner, stronger and will absolutely tone you up. It gets high marks for technical merit and is very easy to follow along with, making it ideal for the newcomer as well as the advanced enthusiast. Chalean EXTREME 7 dvd set & muscle burns guide book Healthy Eats Abs Burn It Off.

Now buy cheap ChaLEAN Extreme Circuit Training DVDs at big discount price !Purchase ChaLEAN Extreme Circuit Training DVDs Now at $40.99!. Muscle Burns Fat? Kinda The theory goes a little something like this. The. SUNDAY Burn Circuit Burn Circuit Burn Circuit Burn Circuit Burn It Off & Recharge CHALean Extreme Burn Phase SATURDAY Rest Rest Rest Rest MONDAY Rest Rest Rest Rest THURSDAY Burn Circuit Burn Circuit Burn Circuit. BURN CIRCUIT 1 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 1 Sumo Squat with Hip Lift W_____ R_____ W_____ R_____ W_____ R_____ W_____ R_____ 2 Lunge with Posterior Fly W_____ R.

ChaLEAN Extreme Review: Lean Circuit 3. This workout is approximately 39 minutes long, with a 4 minute warm up, including a warm up set with weights. After the short and sweet warm up, you get right into the first exercise. 11.23.11 Insanity ChaLEAN Extreme Hybrid Calendar Workout Schedule This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions shared are my own. As an Amazon Associate I. Modify your workout to suit your needs. No one particular. DVD 3: Push Circuit 1, Push Circuit 2, Push Circuit 3 3 workouts: This is Step 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme. Chalene shows you how to lift heavy—beyond your comfort zone—so you build the muscle you need to burn fat. Chalene.

Welcome to ChaLEAN Extreme! whAT YoU geT dvd 1 dvd 2 These 3 strength-training programs will become staple workouts in the fi rst phase—The Burn Phase. You will break down those “extra” reserves of fat and start revving. ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 3 - Day 26 by MindiFriedland 3:36 Day 59 of my Chalene Party! ChaLEAN Extreme and TurboFire by Amanda Roy 5:27 ChaLEAN extreme BURN IT OFF COACH AMY SILVERMAN by by 9:02.

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